Type Cargo
Yard Number 322
Launched 14/05/1896
Completed 06/1896
Off. Number 102748
Engine builder Blair & Co., Stockton-on-Tees
Engine type T. 3 cyl.
GRT 1947
Length (feet) 270
Beam (feet) 39.5
First owner R. Ropner & Co., West Hartlepool
History 1916 Sir R. Ropner & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool
Fate 15/02/1916 wrecked when 2 miles off Ouessant on passage Nantes for Cardiff in ballast with a crew of 20, Captain Green and one crewman lost their lives.

Photo from collection of Harold Appleyard

....and from Roland Grard in France, photos of her boilers still visible near the La Jument lighthouse

and the grave of her master, Captain Green


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