The shipyard and associated drydocks and repair facilities were developed from 1908 on a completely new site fronting the River Tees at South Bank, a little way downstream from Middlesbrough and with steelworks to east and west. The company had developed at North Shields from its predecessor T. & W. Smith who established a major drydock complex there in the late 19th. century, and also built ships under their own name between 1848 and 1890, resuming under the Smith's Dock name in 1900. The last two vessels launched at North Shields were fitted out at the new South Bank yard in 1909-1910, and the sequence of yard numbers began with 417 in continuity from the Tyneside yard. In 1977, the yard was incorporated into the nationalised group British Shipbuilders. Over 900 vessels were built here at South Bank between 1910 and 1987.

For convenience of reference, the yard's production has been divided into four periods with vessels shown under ascending yard numbers in each year.


Yard lists

Under construction, vessels being added to all year ranges

1910 - 1915

1916 - 1929

1930 - 1944

1945 - 1987

Smith's Dock, South Bank in the late 1940's


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